Hi, I’m Denise!

I started Jack’s Mama back in 2014 when I began making slippers for my son, Jack. I wanted to create a pair of slippers that was warm and cozy, kept his ankles warm while I was baby wearing and came in at an affordable price point! This resulted in the creation of our MINKY MOCCS! We have since expanded to include sheepskin soles and an ultra durable outdoor sole.

In November 2017 we welcomed Claire to our family! It has been so much fun adding new products to our shop based on our families changing needs and of course our customers requests! When I’m not crocheting slippers or taking care of my babies I can be found working as a pediatric nurse, though in all honestly I always have a ball of yarn and hooks in my bag!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my handmade business!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can they be worn outside?

Slippers can be worn outside, however this does increase the wear and tear on the soles and shortens the lifespan. They will get wet on wet surfaces. The soles are made of a water resistant material and the sheepskin provide an additional barrier to the cold. Please bear in mind that the yarn will get wet and be damp to touch if worn in damp conditions

My slippers are getting floppy

The slippers will loosen with wear and adapt to the shape of your foot. Washing the slippers can tighten them back up.

My slippers are piling

Piling is a normal part of wear and tear on wool slippers. Crawling on carpet can increase the appearance of piles on slippers. This does not mean the slippers are damaged or falling apart.

Are the soles slippery?

The soles are treated with a non skid coating to help them grip to a variety of surfaces. In personal experience and conversations with past customers the soles are not slippery on a variety of surfaces including tile, hardwood and linoleum.

Custom and personalized orders?

Custom colours and sizes are available upon request

Wholesale availability?

We gladly accept wholesale orders, please message for further information

Care instructions

Slippers are machine washable in cold water. They are best left to air dry. Please be cautious of any items with Velcro as they can cause damage to the wool. Do not machine wash or saturate sheepskin soles.

Sizing details

The best way to determine the correct size is to measure the foot, standing with socks on. Take that measurement and add half an inch. Shoe size to measurement is approximate and based on research, but the measurement is always going to be your best answer